Printer is one of the most needed equipment now days in offices, industries or home especially in Pakistan. It is one of the most required gadgets in present era. We need printer the most in offices where staff strength is not very high and writing work is in bulk quantity like in hospitals and utility stores. Printer is an output device that prints text, Graphics and anything you want to print on papers, it decreases a lot of work load from us just because it can copy text much faster than a person does. It takes data from your computer and generates hard copy of that data. There are different ways to connect a printer to computer but now a day’s common way of connecting printer is through USB. PCL (Printer Command Language) is a command language that a printer uses to understand how the formation and size of document is to be printed. The PCL also manages the size of front, compression of data, colors and graphics of document that have to be print.


Our Services:

Salsabil is a one-stop point for you if you have any query related to Printers. We offer all types of printer maintenance services including Toner Refilling, Toner Recycling, Printer Maintenance. Along with the maintenance services we also provide new, refurbished and reconditioned printers to our customers according to their demands.

Compatible Toner:

Compatible toner is that which gives you almost the same print quality as the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) toner in very low cost. A compatible toner can help you in this way; you can fix this compatible toner that works as efficient as the genuine one. We offer you wide range of HP compatible toner and provide you the facility of compatible toners by which you don’t need to spend extra money on the expensive OEM toners.

Toner Refilling:

Toner is one of the most important components of printer. Toner is a powder that is used in printer that helps in printing images or text on the page. Toner refilling is the method of refilling empty printer cartages with new toner powder. It saves the price and cost of buying a new printer. Once you refill your toner, it will give you more polished and refined quality printing.

Toner Recycling:

Now a day’s Printers have become one of the most essential phase of every personal or office computers. Research shows that 90 percent of computer users have printer now a days, in one year a normal home user of printer replaces 2 cartridges while an office printer needs approximately six cartage in one year. This extreme level of demand raises the demand of recycling or refilling the cartridges. Along with toner refilling our team also provides you the services of toner maintenance or toner recycling. Printer recycling is a process in which we replace old elements of your toner with the new one. In recycling services we change doctor blade, Drum blade, Wiper blade, PCR and magnetic role of you printer in very suitable cost.